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Sustainable packaging

Sustainable Packaging

Our approach:

  • Recyclable materials for the Circular Economy
  • Compostable packaging for specific applications
  • Materials from renewable resources
  • Opportunistic development for customer projects


Mono PE laminate applicable in a broad variety of packaging applications

  • Properties of OPE are close to BOPP (transparency, stiffness)
  • OPE is reverse-printable by all printing processes incl. gravure printing


  • Light weight
  • OPE/PE structure is fully recycling-ready due to mono-material structure
  • Approx. 32% carbon footprint reduction (OPE 20 vs. PET 12)

Sustainable packaging


The more environmental-friendly Cflex lid along cost-efficiency

  • Up to 50 % material reduction vs. standard lids
  • Wide range of sealing temperature (200 – 280°C)
  • Easy and continuous peeling properties
  • Good seal through properties
  • In combination with UV-Flexo printing completely solvent free
  • High corrosion resistance


  • Approximately 48% reduction in carbon footprint compared to a standard aluminum die cut lid (Alu 38µm)
  • Fully recycling-ready: Sortable for aluminum-recycling using Eddy-Current-Technology

Sustainable packaging


  • Packaging solution recyclable via the aluminum recycling stream
  • Usage of water - instead of solvent-based lacquers
  • Avoidance of critical and publicly discussed sub-stances like BPA-containing epoxy-resins (BPA-NI)
  • Performance achieved without using chromated fo

Sustainable packaging


EcoPouch by Constantia Flexibles is a structure from renewable resources
Structure: Paper / metallized + barrier coated PLA
Produced using > 85 % renewable resources

  • Sustainable
  • Very high barrier to O2 and WVTR (data available)
  • Paper Touch
  • High sealability
  • Printable

Sustainable packaging
Interactive packaging

Interactive Packaging

Learn more about the Constantia Interactive technologies like Digital Watermarking and Image Recognition and their benefits for you.
Our experts at the booth will guide you through the possibilities on how to market this digital tool in the most efficient way.

  • Our new technology for next level consumer engagement
  • Enrich your packaging digitally with content from videos and games to augmented reality
  • Customize features, content, and style to your brand equity, no third party needed
  • Collect and own all consumer interaction data and KPIs available

Constantia Interactive App

Enhanced consumer engagement via initiating online activities like:

  • Insights about products (nutrition's, ingredients, etc)
  • Infotainment, e.g. brand info, …
  • Trial generation, e.g. raffles, lottery, …
  • Augmented reality features: picture example shows face of the consumer being integrated to a virtual pack could even be moving and saved as movie.
  • Direct access to online shop
  • Efficiency and state of the art promo management
  • Direct customized marketing for the individual customer
  • Unprecedented information about product usage & personal data of the end-consumer

Sustainable packaging
Interactive packaging

Brand Protection

Our approach:

  • Safe use and safe consumption (authenticity and tamper evidence)
  • Brand protection and shelf life extension
  • Minimizing undesired interaction between packaging and product


The SafeFamily by Constantia Flexibles offers several different features to protect your brand from counterfeiting. Moreover, it protects the customer from consuming fake drugs & products.

  • Protects your brand
  • Protects the customer
  • Various technologies available
  • Holograms with IHMA certification
  • Designed according to every need

Sustainable packaging


FoldAdLam by Constantia Flexibles is a specially in house developed wax free laminate which can be applied for all wrapping applications which need good deadfold properties.

  • No analytical false positive findings of MOSH/MOAH originating from waxes
  • Individual adhesive development - depending on the application / on the packaging machine
  • Perfect deadfold properties
  • No usage of wax – reduction of grammages
  • Better bond strength in comparison to wax
  • Usable for aluminum laminates (paper, film)

Sustainable packaging
Interactive packaging

Performance Packaging

Our approach:

  • Transparent high barrier co-extruded & coated films
  • High performance sealing films & coatings
  • Packaging for new applications and requirements
  • Reduced material consumption


Micro-embossing of PE or PP sealing layer allows to significantly increase sealing and productivity performance at filling lines

  • Improved productivity due to better sealability
  • Higher puncture resistance
  • Excellent packaging tightness
  • Constant coefficient-of-friction under all climate/storage conditions
  • Shorter sealing time = higher sealing speed
  • Energy saving in sealing process

Sustainable packaging


ComforLid by Constantia Flexibles is a solution for convenient handling of dairy and other drinks.

  • Unique market solution due to co-extrusion coating
  • Reduced spillage for the consumer
  • Differentiation
  • Convenience for the customer
  • No investment in die cut tool necessary

Sustainable packaging
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